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 David Duchovny: The Last First Time  Elijah Wood: Talent  John Cusack: Unconventional Hero  Kevin Spacey: Enigmatic  Michael J. Fox: Power of Love  Nestor Carbonell:  Steve Zahn: Sidekick  Timothy Olyphant: Vanderbilt


 Christina Ricci:


 Anal Sex:  Flaccid Penis: Limp  Johnny Sins: Sins World  Masturbation: Pleasure  Naked Men: Bared Soul  Roman Wright: Alpha  Sean Lawless: Big Boy  Uncircumcised Penises: Uncut


 1989: Rebirth  Evermore: Unmoored  Folklore: Cottagecore  Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds: A Million to One  Lover: I Have Been the Archer  Millenium: Elements  Never Gone: Heaven & Earth  Now Or Never: This Is My Confession  Red: I'm Feeling 22  Reputation: Unapologetic  Savage Garden: Break Me, Shake Me  Talk On Corners: Bright & Breezy  Teenage Dream: Sophomore  Try This: Get Up & Try


 Adopted and Rescued Animals: Saved  Chihuahua: Tiny  Gerbils: Little Nibbler  Pets: Companion


 Animation: Faux Reality  Charlie Brown: Good Grief  Corpse Bride: Free Me  Daria: You're Standing On My Neck  Heavy Metal: Takin' a Ride  Howl's Moving Castle: Promise Of The World  Kiki's Delivery Service: Something To Believe In  Peanuts Movie: Dream Big  Snoopy: Loyal  Spirited Away: Spirit World  The Nightmare Before Christmas:  Woodstock: Little Birdie

Arts and Design

 Web Design: Chromantic

Calendar Events


Characters: Book/Movie

 Aragorn: Strider  Frodo Baggins: World Spins Madly On  Legolas: Daybreak

Computer Miscellany and Internet

 Computer Programming: Coding Geeks  cPanel: In Control  CSS: Classy  Enthusiast: The Helpful Script  Fonts: Fontastic  Google Chrome: Simplicity  Graphic Design: Picturesque  HTML: Beauty In Coding  Instagram:  Memes: Can Has?  Mozilla Firefox: Rediscover The Web  Notepad++: Powerful  PHP: End to End  PNG: Alpha Channel  Textures: Colorsplash  The Fanlistings: Addicted  The Internet: Connected  Web Design: Chromantic  Web Standards: Validated


 Jeans:  Shower Gel: Cleanse  T-Shirts: Casual Comfort


 Beer: Dunkel Gold  Cheesecake: Decadence  Chinese Food: Good Fortune  Chips & Salsa: Perfect Start  Coffee: Cup of Joe  Donuts: Ring-Shaped  Jack o' Lanterns & Pumpkins:  Jalapenos: Hot Mess  Mexican Food: Absolutamente Delicioso  Pancakes: Fluffy Goodness  Peanut Butter: Smooth or Creamy? Salty and Sweet  Pizza: By The Slice  Reese's Peanut Butter Cups: Reesicups  Tea: Refined and Smooth


 Horizon Zero Dawn: Secrets of the Earth  Playstation 2: 6th Gen  Playstation 4: 4 The Players  Pokémon Go: I Choose You

Hobbies and Recreation

 Camping: One with Nature  Daydreaming: Distant Thoughts  Gardening: Landscape Painting


 Almost Famous: You Can't Explain Rock 'N' Roll  Beetlejuice: The Ghost With The Most  Big Fish: How I Go  Brokeback Mountain: Love Affair  Carrie: Vengeance  Casper: Can I Keep You?  Child's Play: Wanna Play?  Donnie Darko: Sometimes I Doubt Your Commitment To Sparkle Motion  Edward Scissorhands: Hold Me  Empire Records: Damn the Man, Save the Empire!  Friday 13th Series: Camp Crystal Lake  Horror Movies: Chilling Tales  Howl's Moving Castle: Promise Of The World  Jeepers Creepers: Beatngu  Kiki's Delivery Service: Something To Believe In  Movies: Movie Magic  Pan's Labyrinth: Hace Mucho, Mucho Tiempo  Peanuts Movie: Dream Big  Resident Evil: Hybrid Infection  Sleepy Hollow: The Legend of  Spirited Away: Spirit World  The Breakfast Club: Sincerely Yours  The Lord of the Rings: One Ring To Rule Them All  The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King: Bow To No One  The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring: Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe  The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers:  The Mummy: Death Is Only The Beginning  The Nightmare Before Christmas:  The Wicker Man: Summer is Icumen In  Trainspotting: Choose Life

Music Miscellany

 Rock Music: Loud

Musicians: Bands/Groups

 Backstreet Boys: More Than That  Good Charlotte: Rich & Famous  Hanson: Timeless  My Chemical Romance: Return From The Ashes  Nirvana: Smells Like Teen Spirit  Placebo: For Outsiders, By Outsiders  Savage Garden: Crash & Burn  The Corrs: No Frontiers

Musicians: Female

 Alanis Morissette: Teen Angst  Avril Lavigne: Anything But Ordinary  Katy Perry: Firework  Lisa Loeb:  Nicki Minaj: One of a Kind  Pink: Rebel Queen  Stevie Nicks: Pretty Fearless

Musicians: Male

 Darren Hayes: Crooner  Frank Iero: Defiant To The End  Kurt Cobain: Son of a Gun  Michael Jackson: King of Pop  Nick Carter: Frack


 Autumn/Fall: Amber And Leaves  Beaches: Happiness Comes In Waves  Countrysides: Nature's Retreat  Dusk: Eventide  Fire: Eternal Flame  Forests: Woodlands  Gardens: Colours of Life  Lightning: Bolt  Midnight: The Witching Hour  Nature: Pure  Sky: Night: In The Darkness of  Snow: Winters Treasure  Storms: Powerful Beauty  Succulents: Timeless


 Beds: Comfort  Candles: Shimmering Brilliance  Christmas Lights: Brightly Shining  Computers: Programmable Machines  Halloween Decorations: Spooky  Jack o' Lanterns & Pumpkins:  Lava Lamps: Incandescent  MP3 Players: Portable Music  Stickers: Sticky


 Cemeteries: Memento  Cinemas: Dive Into Another World  County Durham: Land of the Prince Bishops  Edinburgh: Edina  England: Anglia  Europe: The Old One  Haunted Houses: Frightful Or Fun  London: Londinium  Northumberland: Northumbria  Shopping Malls: Lots Of Stores  The United States of America: God Bless America  Theme Parks: Fun Day Out

Politics and Organisations

 Animal Rescue & Adoption Groups: Saving a Billion Precious Lives at a Time  Animal Rights Movement: To Love & Protect

Relationships: Book/Movie

 The Fellowship: Nine Walkers

Relationships: Real Life

 Interspecies Friendships: Funny Pair

Songs: Bands/Groups 0-M

 As Long As You Love Me: In A Glance  Helena: Goodnight  I Want It That Way: Desire  Incomplete: Empty Spaces  Shape Of My Heart: My Confession  The Ghost Of You: Never Coming Home  Yearbook: There's a Lying In Your Silence

Songs: Female Solo

 All Too Well: Lost In Translation  Blank Space: Write Your Name  Everytime: Try To Fly  Losing Grip: I Was So Alone  Nobody's Home: Where She Belongs  Out Of The Woods: So Simple  Red: Dead End Street  Teenage Dream: We'll Be Young Forever  Time After Time: If You Fall, I Will Catch You, I'll Be Waiting  True Colors: So Don't Be Afraid To Let Them Show  You're Not Sorry: The Last Straw

Songs: Male Solo

 Human Nature: Music With Wings  Leave Me Alone:  Unlovable: The Act Of Love


 London Underground: Mind the Gap

TV Shows

 Dawson's Creek: I Don't Want To Wait  Friends: TOW all the Fans  Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Magical  The X-Filesx: The Truth Is Out There


 eBay: Buy It, Sell It, Love It

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